Saturday and Sunday Classes 16/17th January 2021

Welcome to the second set of classes of 2021! This week we’re spanning the centuries, looking at film up to the modern day and then going back in time to the early 19th century. If you’re interested in either class, just fill in our sign up sheet here

On Saturday, we’re joined by Maisha Wester for her talk: “Who’s the Monster Here: Racial Nightmares in American Horror Film”

This discussion explores the ways late twentieth and early twenty-first century US Horror films grapple with America’s history of racial violence while also re-asserting the oppressive ideologies of Otherness which produce this violence. We will particularly ask why films recount terrifying moments of attacks against minorities but also turn these very same figures into the central monsters of the story.

On Saturday, we’re joined once again by Cat Irving for her talk: ‘A Child Gathering Shells: Victor Frankenstein and the Medical World of the Early 19th Century’

Frankenstein is a novel that revolves around the creation of life, but, as Victor Frankenstein acknowledges, “To examine the causes of life, we must first have recourse to death”. Human Remains Conservator Cat Irving will look at Mary Shelley’s novel in the context of the way the dead were used in medicine at the beginning of the nineteenth century, with tales of quivering cadavers, incompetent surgeons, and body snatchers!

Frankenstein: Inspiring the monster | Royal Society

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