Day of Creation (Saturday 27th) and Sunday Session (28th March)

Hello! This weekend we have another great selection of events. Our Saturday event is the monthly ‘Day of Creation’, a collection of workshops and author showcases that you can dip in and out of as much as you like! You can sign up here. There’s also still time to sign up for our Sunday session with yours truly here! But what can you expect from this weekend? Read on to find out!

Saturday Day of Creation

We’re having a half day this Saturday and starting at a very hospitable time! All times are GMT. We don’t ‘spring forward’ till Sunday so do check your times.

3.30pm GMT – Writing Workshop – Getting Published – Sharon Thomas

We’re joined at 3.30 by Irish Writer Sharon Thompson. Crime fiction author Thomas will be taking us through a workshop on developing work for publication and getting published! Sharon Thompson: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

5pm GMT – Audience with Justin Somper

If you’re anything like me, you were religiously attached to Justin Somper’s Vampirates series at some point in your life. Vampires and Pirates? I think I will! Justin will be joining us to do live readings of his work, answer questions and discuss his work.

Vampirates: Win all six books in this epic adventure series | BookTrust

6pm – Victorian Fog: Writing a Gothic Web Comic – Wes

We’ll be joined by Gothic Horror artist Wes to talk about his work, sharing his webcomic ‘Villain’ and taking us through the process of creating a Gothic Web Comic. Check out the comic here (please be aware of the extensive Content Warnings – also this work is not suitable for the under 18s).

Illustration by Wes (@thehitotian)

7pm GMT – Author Showcase

We are joined at 7pm by three amazing authors for our author showcase – Kel Coleman, M H Ayinde and Leonie Rowland.

8.30 pm – Writing Workshop – Talk is Tweet: Crafting Strong, Fast-Paced Dialogue – Johannes Evans

You may know Johannes from a book group visit or an author showcase with us. He’ll be running a workshop on dialogue and tweetfic. You can check out his tweet fic here

Heart of Stone by Johannes T. Evans

9.30pm GMT – Chat and Doodle – ‘trie blasingame

As always, we’ll be ending with a chat and doodle session with ‘trie! Come and relax with us at the end of the day!

Sunday 28th March

This Sunday we’ll be joined by me! I’ll be running a talk on Gothic parody and Satire called ‘Naked Pirates, Demonic Bears and Laundry Lists’. I really think that you should come join us!

Mystery Solved: The Black Veil in Northanger Abbey (met afbeeldingen)
Catherine finds those laundry lists!

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