Weekend Talks – September 18/19th

Welcome back to another exciting weekend of Romancing the Gothic classes! This week we’re taking on two fascinating subjects. You can find details of, and sign up for, any of our upcoming classes here. Sign up links for individual events are underneath the description.

Saturday 18th – Eerie Food: Eating and Being Eaten in Victorian Children’s Fiction with Anna Gasperini
Hansel dropping his stones

This 2-hour talk concentrates on the horrific/Gothic aspects of food in Victorian children’s literature. Food and eating in children’s literature are powerfully charged with a variety of meanings, often in juxtaposition to each other; therefore, food may be the source of delight and disgust, of glee and terror, of satisfaction and horror. This contradictory element is particularly emphasised when the eater becomes food; the interchangeability of these two roles in children’s literature being the horrific catalyst of action in many children’s narratives.

In my talk, after providing participants with an overview of Victorian children’s literature and the theme of eerie food in children’s literature more in general, I shall explore the themes of gluttony, bad table manners, cannibalism, abjection and punishment in Victorian children’s literature. In particular, I shall focus on three authors – Catherine Sinclair, Juliana Horatia Ewing, and Christina Rossetti – whose work provides excellent ground for analysis of these subjects.

This will be held at 10am and 6pm BST.

Sunday 19th – ‘Life Finds a Way: Jurassic Park as Gothic Franchise’ with Roxanne Douglas

Life finds a way: Jeff Goldblum will return as Dr Ian Malcolm in Jurassic  World 2 | Hollywood - Hindustan Times
Gif: ‘Life Finds a Way’

In this talk Dr Roxanne Douglas, The University of Warwick, discusses how the Jurassic Park franchise films are secretly Gothic, with challenges to gender conventions (“Life Finds a Way”), displaced figures of the past encroaching on the present, eco-Gothic flourishes, contextual suspicion of ‘test tube babies’ and in the most recent addition to the franchise there is even a haunted house and eerie double.

This talk is held at 10am and 7pm

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