Sunday Gothics

Date SubjectSpeaker
Online HereBeauty Doctors: A Gothic History of Cosmetic SurgeryRebecca Gibson
Video to be uploaded later‘How could you fall in love with a human?’: Human-Jinn Relationships in Pakistani SerialsJavaria Farooqi
Video will be released later5 – 2 = 3, ‘king’- ‘man’ = ?: Using Word-Embeddings to Explore the Early Gothic NovelMaartje Weenink
To be resceduledCli-Fi and the Gothic in Contemporary Film and LiteratureKristy Strange
Online HereDigital Monsters and the Online WildernessVivian Asimos
Online Here‘You Carry [the] Corpse on your Back’: The Southern Gothic Aesthetic in the work of Randall Kenan and Natasha TrewetheyJill Goad
Online HereHand of Glory: History, Myth and LegendShane McCorristine
Online HereExploring Hellish Landscapes in the 19th centuryRuth-Anne Walbank
Online HereThe Oriental Woman and the Romantic GothicReyam Rammahi
Online Here‘Beautiful, Spooky, and Stupid’: Introducing Gothic DragThomas Brassington
Online Here“Life Finds a Way”: Jurassic Park as a Gothic franchiseRoxanne Douglas
To be rescheduled‘The High Priestess and the Beast: Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley and Occulture at the Fin-de-Siecle’Hannah O’Flanagan
Online HereThe Thing with Horns: the insidious presence of the Horned God in modern supernatural horrorAnna Milon
Online HereAn Excursion Guide to the Geological GothicLindsay Williams
Online Here‘Every Brutal Choice Has Elegance, Grace: Decoding Dress in NBC’s HannibalHelen Oliver
Online HereThe Spectral as Political: Dystopia, Myth and Horror in ‘Ghoul’ (2018)Rishiraj Pal
Online HereThe [Haunted] House of AtreusChristin Liberty
Online HereLa Fée Verte: Absinthe and the Green Fairy myth in 21st Century Gothic Kate Harvey
To be rescheduledFrom the Gothic Window: Gothic Parody in the work of Eliza Parsons (1739 – 1811)Katarzyna Kalosza
18th JulySkip to the Good Part – Romance Visual Novel (PAX Online East Event)Sam Hirst, Laura Springer, Leeah
Online HereMourning in Horror: Grief in 21st Century Horror FilmsTugce Kutlu
Online HereRural Crafts and FolkloreMark Norman
Online HereTrapped in the Labyrinth: The Minotaur as trans and disabledJohannes Evans
Online HereThe Most Magical of Mirrors: Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Victorian Celebrity PhotographyHarriet Fletcher
Online HereDevil or Double: Decoding the Demonic in the Scottish GothicSam Hirst
Online HereGothic Social Media and the Found Phone tropeVicky Brewster
Online HereSpritualism, the Female Medium, and Ghosts in Victorian and Edwardian Supernatural and Occult TalesLindsey Carman Williams
Online HereBirth of a Monster: The Gothicizing of Insects in Fuseli, Blake and Mary Shelley Lorenz Hindrichsen
Online HereThe Thing!Bridget Keown
Online HereEverywhere you turn is heartache: Aristocracy, Religion and Sex in the work of MadonnaDan Pietersen
Online HereTreating the Socially Grotesque Man: Experimental Medicine and the GothicKathleen Shaughnessy
4th AprilInfectious Diseases in HorrorMitra Elgrail
Online HereNaked Pirates, Demonic Bears and Laundry Lists: Gothic ParodySam Hirst
Online HereThe Divine Right of Statues: Gothic Encounters and Divine RetributionDominique Garcia
Online HereKilling the Radio Star: The Radio DJ and the Gothic in CinemaEric Lawrence
Online HereSpace GothicShiri Sondheimer
Online HereDoubling and Deception in Sir Gawain and the Green KnightEric Jurgens
Online HereGothic for Girls: Misty and British ComicsJulia Round
Online HereHorror, Race and RomanceSam Hirst and Tanagra GGNOC
Online HereSpace, Madness and Horror Film (The Descent)Melody Blackmore
Online Here
M R James, non-sexual queerness and 19th century ghostsHannah O’Flanagan
Online HereArthurian GothicMira Gutoff
Online Here‘A Child Gathering Shells: Victor Frankenstein and the Medical World of the Early 19th CenturyCat Irving
Online Here‘Gothic and Second Language Acquisition’Alicia Dominguez Perez
Online Here‘Byron, Manfred, and the Transgender Self’Julia Ftacek
Online HereStage Hauntings: Contemporary Gothic DramaMarita Arvaniti
Online HereThe Ghosts of SalemSebastian Crane
Online HereCannibalism Fact and Fiction: Anthropological Record versus Romantic Imperialism in 21st Century Frontier GothicMadelyn Schoonover
Online HereAnd to Live in a New House Would Kill Me’:Transylvania in Gothic Literature vs Gothic Literature in TransylvaniaCristina Diamant
Online HereA trilogy of the damned: Classic Argentinian gothic in filmValeria Villegas Lindval
Online Here‘I am Stone: R Murray Gilchrist and the Gothic Weird Tale’Dan Pieterson
Online Here‘Sometimes an Abbey is just an Abbey: Jane Austen and Gothic Satire’Prema Arasu
Online HereOld monsters are new again: the changing interpretations of Grendel’s mother in Beowulf.Eric Jurgens
Online HereThe ‘Exotic’ American Vampire: Blood and Sugarcane in LouisianaRose Sinister
Online HereA Ghost or a Wronged Woman?: The Gothic and the Explained SupernaturalSam Hirst
Online HereMonstrous Feminine in South East Asian Folklore and HorrorAndrew Ng
20th September‘Curses, Corpses & Coffins: Egyptomania in 19th and 20th Century Britain’Rebecca Bruce
Online Here‘It wasn’t like any color I’d ever seen before’: Colour in Horror Film and LiteratureChelsea Davis
Online HereA Reluctant Movie: What happened between page and screenLucie Bea Dutton
Online HereGothic Food: Examples of Consumption and the Cruelty of its Consequences in Gothic LiteratureAlessandra Pino
Online HereFunny Bones: A Look at Ossuaries in EuropeCat Irving
Online HereA Spectacle of Gore and Horror: The French Revolution and its Gothic RepresentationsRayna Rosenova
9th AugustThe Magic and Mysticism of Central Park: The Park’s Complicated History and How 19th Century Occult and Gothic Interests Inform Its CreationLeanna Renee Hieber
Online HereAnne Rice’s Vampire Women between Impairment and PowerLaura Davidel
Online Here“Tales of ink and tears : a brief visual history of the gothic”Nadjah O
Online HereDicing With Death: How D&D learned to love the GothicDan Pietersen
Online here‘What You Buy is What You Own’: Neocolonial Masculinity, Appropriation, and Guilt in Pet SemataryMadelyn Schoonover
To be ResceduledPlaying with the Gothic: Identities, Bodies and Gender in Tabletop Role-playing Games! Holly Jane Warrington
Online here‘Depraved’ Bisexuals: Biphobia and Bi-erasure in Post-Millennial Gothic TelevisionHayley Louise Charlesworth
Online hereGaily Ever After: Neo-Victorian M/M RomanceCaroline Duvezin
Online hereThe Testament of the Mexican MummyAbraham Castillo Flores
Online hereMessing With Your Castle, Telling Your Secrets, and Stealing Your Girl: Comics and the GothicShiri Sondheimer
31st MayMore Terror than her reason could justify: Confronting the transcendent in RadcliffeSam Hirst
Online here“Is this our Great Becoming? Gender and Adaptation in the Hannibal Lecter Franchise”Mason Hawthorne
‘It’s only Twilight if it’s from the Forks region; anything else is just sparkling vampire romance’: Twilight, the Gothic Novel and the Female ReaderKaja Franck
Online here“Mysterious Influences”: Religion, Empathy and Illness in the Victorian Queer GothicBrontë Schiltz

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