Class Schedules

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Date (All times in London Time)SubjectSpeaker
9th July 10am and 7pmNew Extremism: Flesh, Blood and Ethics in European Horror CinemaChristina Brenna
3rd June 10am and 7pm BSTGothic Hunger in Horacio Quiroga’s ‘The Feather Pillow’Allie Pino
28th May 10am and 7pm BSTLandscape and WarInês Sousa Marques
20th May
10am and 10pm BST
Trauma and Transformation in Alex Garland’s AnnihilationOwen Morawitz
14th May
4pm and 9pm BST
Into the Wild We Wander: Botanical HorrorM E
(This talk is not recorded)
6th May 10am and 7pm BSTClimate Fiction and the GothicKristy Strange
16th April 10am and 7pm BSTUnderstanding the African VampireTimothy Wright
8th April 10am and 7pm BSTThinking about Amos Tutuola’s Ghosts Sreya Datta
25th March
10am and 7pm GMT
Searching for Satan: How Satanism Scares React to Occult Imagery in MediaBethan Oake
Online HereFear and Worship in Japan: The Influence of Shinto and Buddhism on Japanese HorrorMarisa Hayes
RescheduledReligion and the Gothic in Northern Irish FictionThomas Connolly
Online HereJewish Horror and Gothic Antisemitism: A HistoryMary Going
Online HereArctic ShamanismVaimö Byflugudóttir 
Online Here‘Witchcraft’ and Science in the Republic of BeninDoug Falen
Online HereWitchcraft, Magic and Rituals in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Louise Child
RescheduledGothic Friendship and Power in Young Adult FictionRebecca Mills
Online HereMagic in Mayong: The Black Magic Capital of IndiaMadhurjya Kashyap
Online HereThis Place is a Tomb: Haunted Houses in SpaceDan Pietersen
Online HereCelestial Vomit: A Utopian Ontology of SlimeAshley Darrow
Online HereGothic Simulation FictionVicky Brewster
Online HereLupus in Fabula: The Wolf in Folk and Fairy TaleNicola Welsh Burke
Online HereSleeping with the Vampire: From Timeworn Legend to 21st Century YA Nancy Schumann
Online HereTraps, Traumas and Locked Doors: Bluebeard Narratives in the 21st CenturyRachel Friars
Online HereStripping Spaces and Power Dynamics in Zombie MoviesLeigh Ash
Online Here“Slimy things did crawl with legs, Upon the slimy sea.” – The ecoGothic legacy of the doomed voyage in video gameM K Pinder
Online HereNon-Fiction Gothic: Reading about ghosts and vampires in the British 60s and 70sTim Jones
Online Here
Making ‘Eye Contact’: Visualising the Magnus Archives in FanArtMaria Juko
Online HereQueerness and Supernatural Otherness in African WritingHelen Nde
Online HereImagining Undertakers and the Body in 18th Century England Dan O’Brien
Online Here21st Century Gothic Musicals: Consumerism, Virality and the Horrors of the ‘I Want’ SongHayley Charlesworth
Online HereA History of Evil DollsIngrid Butler
Online HereGothic Television History DramasDerek Johnston
Online HereFallen Angels and Queer Androids: A Queer Reading of Blade RunnerHal Dietrich
Online HereTrans Rage and Transmisogyny in ‘The Lure’ (2015)Eric Ania Haley-Halinski
Online Here“She could remember desire, she had forgotten how it worked:” The Apparitional Lesbian as the Enslaved and the Question of Queer Futurity in Toni Morrison’s BelovedMadison Harmon
Online HereThe Absent Spirit: Finding Meaning in the Lack of Queer Ghosts and HauntingsBridget Keown
Online HereWicked Eunuchs: Literary CaricaturesTucker Lieberman
3rd-4th August‘My Wild Heart Bleeds’: 150 Years of Sheridan Le Fanu’s ‘Carmilla’Conference
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Online HereWill You Join the Dance?: A Brief History of the Danse MacabreCat Irving
Online HereGothic Tonalities and Tourism: Experiencing Emily Bronte through The Unthanks’ Gothic Folk MusicRuth-Anne Walbank
Online HereGloomy Sunday: History and LegendB Rae Grosz
Online HereDecay in the Poetry of Philip LarkinLena Meier
30th JulyFear in a Handful of Stardust: Astrobiology and HorrorM E
Online HereWitch Wives in Television, Film and LiteratureChloe Campbell
Online HereThere is No Escape: Processing trauma In Agatha Christie’s Detective FictionHuzan Bharucha
Online HereNightwood as Gothic: Love and Haunting in the work of Djuna BarnesMadeleine Albanese
Online HereHaunted ChicagoKatrina Kemble
12th JuneNew York’s Haunted VillagesLeanna Renee Hieber
Online Here

Sea and Air – To Create a HauntingDavid Norris
Online HereDangerous Architecture in 
the Writings of Shirley 
Dara Downey
Online HereWelcome to the Nightmare Rooms: Four decades of haunted houses in video gamesDan Pietersen
Online HereThe Golden Age of Illustration and the GothicNadjah O
Online HereThe Illustrated Gothic ChapbookWendy Fall
Online HereLa Bête du Gévaudan in fiction and filmZoe Wible
Online HereSalacious and Obscene: The Early Gothic and Anti-Clerical PornographySam Hirst
Online HereReimagining the Paranoid Gothic: Productive Transgressions, Non-Reproductive Desire, and Gender Non-Conformity in the Writing of William GodwinSimon Clewes
Online HereMortsafes and Caged Graves: Bodysnatchers in ScotlandSuzie Lennox
Online HereThe World of London BodySnatchersSarah Wise
Online HereDeath in Children’s Literature and FilmKristy Strange
Online HereCome Home, Lost Soldier: Embalming and the American Civil WarDillon Payne
Online HereWilliam Faulkner’s Aesthetics of ImmortalityAhmed Honeini
Online HereDeath in Irish FolkloreStiofáin Jack
Online HereTour of an English Corpse RoadIcy Sedgwick
Online HereEnfant Terribles: The Dread Children of African FolkloreHelen Nde
Online HereThe Stories We Live In: An Asian-Pacific Approach to Living FolkloreKelly Kanayama
Online HereBone Wars and Lost Worlds: Dinosaurs and the Creative Imagination in the 19th and early 20th CenturiesJenn Barnes and Lindsay Williams
Online HereMirror, Mirror on the wall: Paintings, Mirrors, and Monstrous Doubles in Irish Gothic WritingMadeline Potter
Online HereThe High Priestess and the Beast: Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley and Occulture at the Fin-de-SiecleHannah O’Flanagan
Online HereBehind the Black Veil: The Horrid Mysteries Behind Northanger AbbeySam Hirst
To be rescheduled‘There is no escape’: Processing Trauma Through Agatha Christie’s Detective FictionHuzan Bharucha
Online HereSheridan Le Fanu in ContextSean O’Rourke
Online HereMurder, Madness and Demonic Possession in the work of Thomas Anstey GuthrieHayley Smith
20th November
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My Poor Devil: 100 Years of Georgette Heyer’s ‘The Black Moth’ ConferenceJennifer Kloester
Kelly Mann
Helen Davidge
Queering Heyer Round Table: KJ Charles, Rose Lerner, Cat Sebastian, Olivia Waite
Panel 1: Icy Sedgwick, Lucie Bea Dutton, Rachel Hyland
Panel 2: Geraldine Perriam, Neil Cocks, Helen Davidge
(Chair: Javaria Farooqi)
Panel 3: Vanda Wilcox, Alessandra Pino, Angela Toscano
(Chair: Maria DeBlassie)
Online HereArabic Feminist GothicRoxanne Douglas
Online HereGothic Visual NovelsJoseph Crawford
Online HereOn Tagore’s Gothic WidowsNilanjana Ray
Online HereDrink Full and Descend: Twin Peaks as Underworld ExplorationSarah Coflan
Online HereThe EcoGothic Legacy of Twin Peaks in Videogame EcologiesMorgan Pinder
To be rescheduledSmugglers and Spirits, Ghosts and Coasts: Defining the Cornish GothicJoan Passey
Online HereThe Gomez Addams Paper: Death and the UnbornCharlie Guy
Dan Pietersen on editing the Robert Murray Gilchrist collectionHalf Day of CreationVarious including Pamela Berry, Hayleigh Barclay and Roshni Beeharry
Online HereEerie Food: Eating and Being Eaten in Victorian’s Children’s LiteratureAnna Gasperini
Online HereChildhood Trauma in Henry James ‘Turn of the Screw’Max
28th AugustHalf Day of Creation (assorted workshops)Various
Not recordedGenetics in HorrorMitra
Online HereWomen Writers in the Long 18th CenturySam Hirst
Online HereThe Legacy of the Occult DetectiveMaria De Blassie
31st July Half Day of CreationVarious
Online HerePeter Would Cry Over You: Modern TV Werewolves and MasculinityKai D’Argenta
Online HereGothic Histories and Historical Gothic: Medieval to Modern Wales and Gothic FictionMelissa Julian-Jones
Online HereNature Initiation and Body Horror in British FolkloreDaru McAleece
29th MayDay of CreationVarious
Online Here‘Sexy Satan, What Have you Done?’: A Partial History of Demonic DepictionSam Hirst
Online HereIllustrating the ‘Gothic Canon’: Between Adaptation and InventionSusanne Schwertfeger
8th May‘Uncanny Uncanny: Disrupting Australian ‘Anxious Proximities’Neil Cocks
Online HereEcofeminism and the Anthropocene in contemporary Female GothicKristy Strange
24th AprilDay of CreationTBC
Online Here‘And the World was Changed: The Nephilim and the Crises of Civilisation’Jonathon O’Donnell
RescheduledTowards a (partial) history of a working class GothicSam Hirst and Ash Darrow
Online Here‘We’re all Goblins Here!: a casual jaunt through contemporary gothic art and dark surrealism’‘trie blasingame
27th MarchGothic Day of CreationSharon Thompson
Justin Somper
Johannes Evans
Author Showcases: Kel Coleman, M H Ayinde, Leonie Rowland
Online HereGothic Before the Gothic: Renaissance Revenge TragediesColleen Kennedy and Kendra Preston
Online Here‘Bitch Witches: The Teenage Witch as Pop Culture PhenomenonMiranda Corcoran
Online Here‘Long Live the New Flesh: Body Horror, Politics and the work of David Cronenberg’Jon Greenaway
27th February Day of Creation
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‘Unbound’ Anthology writers
Icy Sedgwick
Caedis Knight
Jewelle Gomez
Cat Sebastian
Darcie Little Badger
Rose Lerner
Delphine Bautier
Tanagra GGNOC
Missing Woman Films
‘trie blasingame II tentaclemade studies
Online Here‘Ghosts in the Living Room: The British Televisual Gothic’Bronte Schiltz
Online HereThe Philosophy of HorrorDylan Trigg
Online Here“We’re In Hell: Alan Moore, Jack the Ripper and the Political Theology of Capitalism” Jon Greenaway (aka @TheLitCritGuy)
30th JanuaryGothic Day of Creation (Sign up here)CM Rosens
Thomas Brown
Shiri Sondheimer
Sam Hirst
Saint Gibson
‘trie blasingame I tentacle made studios
Author showcase: K J Charles, Victoria Audley, Johannes Evans, Angie Wenham, Mason Hawthorne, Premee Mohamed, S C Parris, Arden Powell
Online Here‘Vampires, Barghests, Red Caps, and More: A Compendium of Northern Folklore’Icy Sedgwick
Online here‘Who’s the Monster Here: Racial Nightmares in American Horror Film’Maisha Wester
Online here‘300 Years of Gothic Romance’Lori A. Paige
Online Here100 Years of Gothic Terror: Christmas CinemaAshley Darrow
Online Here18th Century Ghost TalesSam Hirst
Online HereNordic NoirMaeva Chagros
28th NovemberGothic Day of CreationSam Hirst
Neil Cocks
Shiri Sondheimer
Mishka Hoosen
Leanna Renee Hieber
A J Hao
Linds and Tetley
Author showcases from: Icy Sedgwick, Frank Lopes, Obby Robinson, Jenni Coutts, Heather Valentine, Shiri Sondeimer, Nita Pan and Stu
Online HereDid I solicit thee from darkness to promote me?’: Frankenstein’s Paradise LostSam Hirst
Online Here“Seeing and Not Being Seen”: Women’s Victorian and Edwardian Ghost StoriesMelissa Edmundson
Online HereWhatever is in any sort terrible’: An Introduction to the British 18th century sublimeSam Hirst
31st OctoberGothic Day of CreationSam Hirst
Nadjah O
Valeria Villegas Lindval
Michelle Garza
Alberto Chimal
Shiri Sondheimer
Icy Sedgwick
Katalina Watt
Online HereAnn Radcliffe, Vampire Hunter: Ann Radcliffe’s Gothic Fiction and its AfterlivesSam Hirst
Online HereThe Evil Is The House Itself’: Credit, Citizenship, and Shirley Jackson’s Haunting HouseAmy Bride
Online HereBe Gay, Do Crimes: Queer Gothic ReimaginingsSam Hirst
Online HereHot Topic: Nineties Music Video GothicEvan Hayes Gledhill
Online HereSouth African GothicRebecca Duncan
Online HereWorlding Hell: American Demonologies of Race and EmpireJonathon O’Donnell
12th September 2020Gothic Day of CreationEK Gonzales
EE Ottoman
Dan Pietersen
Shiri Sondheimer
‘trie blasingame II tentaclemade studios
Caroline Duvezin
Sam Hirst
Online HereGothic ChapbooksFranz Potter
Online HereImmortal Fortune Tellers and Midnight Hags: Race, Romani, and the GothicSydnee Wagner
Online Here‘New Woman Gothic: Marriage, Feminism and Rape Culture at the Victorian Fin de Siècle’Naomi Hetherington
15th AugustGothic Day of CreationCM Rosens
Neveen Badr
Holly Elsdon
Sam Hirst
Shiri Sondheimer
Leanna Renee Hieber
‘trie blasingame II tentaclemade studios
Tanagra aka Leeah and Delphine Bautier
Authors in the Showcase: Elena Barrio, H. Bentham
Ricky Brown, Anna Cheung, Renee Cronley, Eric Jurgens, Jude Reid, Katalina Watt
Online HereGothic from the Dragon’s Tongue: An Introduction to Welsh Gothic LiteratureSophie Jessica
Online Here“Oh my goodness, is that an electrosplit goopslimer port?” Technofantasies and Difference Engines in Steampunk Literature.Caroline Duvezin
Online Here‘To examine the causes of life, we must first have recourse to death’: Medical Discourse and the GothicMadeline Potter
Online Here‘Introduction to Early American Gothic: Race, Religion, and Frontier Madness’Amy Bride
4th JulyGothic Day of CreationIcy Sedgwick
Mason Hawthorne
trie blasingame || tentacle-made studios
Sam Hirst
Lily Daniels
Shiri Sondheimer
Online HereDanse Macabre: Gothic Ballet from Swan Lake to Black SwanKaren Graham
Online hereRussian Roulette: The Russian Gothic Fantastic as a game you just can’t winSam Hirst
Online here“¡Bruja! The allure of the gothic witch in Mexican horror film”Valeria Villegas Lindval
Online hereHeroines, Wives and Demons: Women in the GothicSam Hirst
Online hereRethinking the Gothic Romance: Georgette HeyerSam Hirst
Online hereUna historia de la literatura gótica en inglaterraSam Hirst
Online here‘The Literature of Ghouls and Ghosts: A History of the Gothic’Sam Hirst
Online here‘I never saw a ghost except one in a dream’: A Gothic History of the DreamSam Hirst
Online hereArt Thou Still Living Wretch: The Early Gothic VampireSam Hirst
Online hereI ain’t Scared of No Ghosts: Spectres, Spooks and FraudsSam Hirst
Online hereGothic Faith and Monstrous ReligionSam Hirst
Online hereThe Devil is Transformed into an Angel of Light: Demonic Representation in the Early GothicSam Hirst
Online hereRomancing the Gothic: When Love and Death EmbraceSam Hirst

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