5 more lesser-known early Gothic novels

About 2 years ago (how time flies!), I posted a blog with 5 lesser-known early Gothic novels. Hopefully, that’s been long enough to read them for anyone inclined so it’s time for another 5! Now, once again, it bears repeating that this list is only ‘lesser-known’ in relative terms. I’ll be introducing some books thatContinue reading “5 more lesser-known early Gothic novels”

5 Scottish Tales of the Demonic

The Scottish Gothic is full of demons. Unlike the English Gothic, this is a rarely a case of a special case Faustian Pact with an over-reacher aiming for forbidden knowledge, illicit powers or untold years, who makes a demonic deal, signs their name to the dotted line (sometimes literally), and ends up dragged to hellContinue reading “5 Scottish Tales of the Demonic”

Trans and Non-Binary writers of Gothic, Horror and Supernatural Fiction

A while back I did a few blogs on women writers of the Gothic, Horror and Supernatural which you can find here and here. I included trans women in the list but wanted to make a separate post specifically celebrating trans and non-binary writers. So buckle up, buttercups, it’s time to get spooky! This isContinue reading “Trans and Non-Binary writers of Gothic, Horror and Supernatural Fiction”

100 Women Writers in Horror, the Gothic and Supernatural Fiction from the 18th Century to 2021

I recently completed a twitter thread on 100 women. You can find it here, if you’re interested. It includes more gifs and pictures! But for ease, I’ve collated them all into one list. The entries are fairly brief but I’m happy to tackle any questions you have! Enjoy the list and if you feel likeContinue reading “100 Women Writers in Horror, the Gothic and Supernatural Fiction from the 18th Century to 2021”

5 lesser-known Early Gothic Novels

‘Lesser known’ is always relative. For some, the staples of that early Gothic period (The Castle of Otranto, The Mysteries of Udolpho, The Monk and Melmoth the Wanderer) are new acquaintances. For others, I could bring up the most obscure authors (T. J. Horsley-Curties and Elizabeth Meeke anyone?) and they’d scoff at the obviousness ofContinue reading “5 lesser-known Early Gothic Novels”

Zofloya and the Female Gothic

This is a series of ‘blogs’ (hmmm) which I wrote as a baby scholar during my Masters. I’ve been rereading it today as I finalise my lesson slides for tomorrow. It’s an investigation of the term Female Gothic and its legitimacy through an exploration of Charlotte Dacre’s Zofloya and the simple question of whether orContinue reading “Zofloya and the Female Gothic”

Radcliffe’s Heroes in Order of Uselessness

Ann Radcliffe, the ‘Great Enchantress’ of the early British Gothic, was one of the most famous and popular writers of her time. She’s the star Gothic reference in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey (1816) and a must-read for everyone who’s just starting their journey in the rise of the Gothic in the late 18th century. SheContinue reading “Radcliffe’s Heroes in Order of Uselessness”