Romancing the Gothic

Re-thinking the Paranoid Gothic – Queer Reading of William Godwin

If you’re a literature lover, the name of William Godwin might be less than familiar that that of his relations. He was the father of Mary Shelley, the husband of Mary Wollstonecraft and an inspiration for Percy Shelley among others. He was a political philosopher, whose work continues to be read and studied today butContinue reading “Re-thinking the Paranoid Gothic – Queer Reading of William Godwin”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Originally posted on Where We Will We'll Roam:
On the 22nd of January (I know I’m slightly late, but oh well), I attended one of the Romancing the Gothic seminars. Romancing the Gothic is a series of talks organised by Dr Sam Hirst. Each week, different academics talk about various aspects of Gothic Literature. These talks…

Death in Irish Folklore

Last week, we were joined by Stiofáin Jack of Hog and Dice to talk to us about death in Irish culture and folklore. They talk fairies, burial mounds, folklore, death customs, and more! You can find more about their work here. You can watch the video here

RtG’s Second Conference – My Wild Heart Bleeds: 150 years of Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla

This year’s Romancing the Gothic conference celebrates the ‘birth’ of Carmilla, one of the most enduring vampiric figures, re-written an re-imagined over the years in fiction, film, web-series, podcasts, animated series and RPGs. This conference focuses on and celebrates Carmilla and its legacy, particularly the sapphic reclamation and queer celebration of its main character. ThisContinue reading “RtG’s Second Conference – My Wild Heart Bleeds: 150 years of Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla”


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