Romancing the Gothic

December Programme

We’re rounding out the Romancing the Gothic year with a month on ‘Love and Horror’ and we’ve got some real treats for you! You can links to all the classes below. They’re all free to access but we do need donations to keep running so if you can support the project, please do here orContinue reading “December Programme”

Romancing the Gothic Conference 2023 – The Supernatural and Witchcraft in belief, practice and depiction

In 1848, William Harrison Ainsworth published his novel The Lancashire Witches based on the real-life witch-trials in Pendle in 1612. Exploring the background of the trials and executions, it was heavily based on Thomas Potts’ Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancashire (1613). 1848 also saw the publication of Catherine Crowe’s The Night-SideContinue reading “Romancing the Gothic Conference 2023 – The Supernatural and Witchcraft in belief, practice and depiction”

November Programme

This November’s theme is ‘anything goes!’ We’re looking at alternative forms of the Gothic, including podcasts, video games, non-fiction and some zombie movies for good measure. Here’s what you can look forward to (with links to sign up!) A reminder that all our talks are free to access but donations are very much appreciated. ItContinue reading “November Programme”

10 Early Vampire Tales

Dracula (1897) has become synonymous with the vampire tale. He’s become a part of our collective consciousness and there are more versions of the character and the novel than you can shake a stick at. Of course, he was far from the first vampire or the only version of the vampire around at the time.Continue reading “10 Early Vampire Tales”


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