Romancing the Gothic

10 Early Vampire Tales

Dracula (1897) has become synonymous with the vampire tale. He’s become a part of our collective consciousness and there are more versions of the character and the novel than you can shake a stick at. Of course, he was far from the first vampire or the only version of the vampire around at the time.Continue reading “10 Early Vampire Tales”

Is the Gothic gay?

This little blog starts to answer a timeless question. It is adapted from a twitter thread that I wrote in May 2021. It doesn’t cover everything and I’d love to hear more about your favourite queer Gothic reads! Much of Gothic fiction is replete with homoeroticism. Gothic texts regularly explore the transgressive, places on theContinue reading “Is the Gothic gay?”

Re-thinking the Paranoid Gothic – Queer Reading of William Godwin

If you’re a literature lover, the name of William Godwin might be less than familiar that that of his relations. He was the father of Mary Shelley, the husband of Mary Wollstonecraft and an inspiration for Percy Shelley among others. He was a political philosopher, whose work continues to be read and studied today butContinue reading “Re-thinking the Paranoid Gothic – Queer Reading of William Godwin”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Originally posted on Where We Will We'll Roam:
On the 22nd of January (I know I’m slightly late, but oh well), I attended one of the Romancing the Gothic seminars. Romancing the Gothic is a series of talks organised by Dr Sam Hirst. Each week, different academics talk about various aspects of Gothic Literature. These talks…


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