Romancing the Gothic

Gothic Drag Bibliography

We were joined today by Tom Brassington sharing his work on Gothic Drag and he has provided an incredible bibliography of films, performers, performances and criticism. Get stuck in! Film Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, dir. Roy Ward Baker (MGM-EMI, 1971) Dressed to Kill, dir. Brian de Palma (Filmways, 1980) Freaky, dir. Christopher Landon (Universal,Continue reading “Gothic Drag Bibliography”

The Thing with Horns – Bibliography

The following bibliography was provided by Anna Milon in relation to her talk on ‘The Thing with Horns: The Insidious Presence of the Horned God in Modern Supernatural Horror’ Open Resources Fessenden, Larry. “The Shape of the Wendigo.” YouTube, 2015.… Lenhardt, Corinna. “Wendigos, Eye Killers, Skinwalkers: The Myth of the American Indian Vampire andContinue reading “The Thing with Horns – Bibliography”

August Classes

Hi All! It’s that time of the month again. We’re looking at the next set of classes for August. You can sign up here. All the classes are free because we believe that education should be available to everyone whether they can afford it or not. If you would like to support the programme toContinue reading “August Classes”


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