CFP (Call for contributions) for Romancing the Gothic’s 2022 programme

Romancing the Gothic will continue in 2022 with some changes. We will be changing from 8 talks a month to 4. Each month will have a broad theme. We will also have 4 Days of Creation in the year rather than one a month. All the talks will continue to be held online and runContinue reading “CFP (Call for contributions) for Romancing the Gothic’s 2022 programme”

Gothic Drag Bibliography

We were joined today by Tom Brassington sharing his work on Gothic Drag and he has provided an incredible bibliography of films, performers, performances and criticism. Get stuck in! Film Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, dir. Roy Ward Baker (MGM-EMI, 1971) Dressed to Kill, dir. Brian de Palma (Filmways, 1980) Freaky, dir. Christopher Landon (Universal,Continue reading “Gothic Drag Bibliography”

Weekend Classes – September 25-26th

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of the month again where the new classes go up and we round off the month with a Day of Creation (a collection of workshops and showcases) and a final (stunning, of course!) class. If you want a sneak peek at the month ahead and would like to start bookingContinue reading “Weekend Classes – September 25-26th”

Weekend Talks – September 18/19th

Welcome back to another exciting weekend of Romancing the Gothic classes! This week we’re taking on two fascinating subjects. You can find details of, and sign up for, any of our upcoming classes here. Sign up links for individual events are underneath the description. Saturday 18th – Eerie Food: Eating and Being Eaten in VictorianContinue reading “Weekend Talks – September 18/19th”

The Thing with Horns – Bibliography

The following bibliography was provided by Anna Milon in relation to her talk on ‘The Thing with Horns: The Insidious Presence of the Horned God in Modern Supernatural Horror’ Open Resources Fessenden, Larry. “The Shape of the Wendigo.” YouTube, 2015.… Lenhardt, Corinna. “Wendigos, Eye Killers, Skinwalkers: The Myth of the American Indian Vampire andContinue reading “The Thing with Horns – Bibliography”

Weekend Classes 7/8th August

Hello and welcome to this weekend’s amazing classes! As always, you can sign up for free here. On Saturday, we are joined by Maria DeBlassie to talk about ‘The Legacy of the Occult Detective’ This class outlines the legacy of the occult detective, from the origin of the archetype in the Victorian era to theContinue reading “Weekend Classes 7/8th August”

Bibiliography (with links) for ‘Taking the Pen in Their Hands’

On Saturday 24th July, I gave a talk entitled ‘Taking the Pen in their Hands: Women Writers in the Georgian and Regency Periods’ for the Regency Writers Conference. This is a reference list and a list of primary sources most of which have links to free online public domain versions. Reference List Batchelor, Jennie. Women’sContinue reading “Bibiliography (with links) for ‘Taking the Pen in Their Hands’”