Trans and Non-Binary writers of Gothic, Horror and Supernatural Fiction

A while back I did a few blogs on women writers of the Gothic, Horror and Supernatural which you can find here and here. I included transwomen in the list but wanted to make a separate post specifically celebrating trans and non-binary writers. So buckle up, buttercups, it’s time to get spooky! This is aContinue reading “Trans and Non-Binary writers of Gothic, Horror and Supernatural Fiction”

Day of Creation (Saturday 27th) and Sunday Session (28th March)

Hello! This weekend we have another great selection of events. Our Saturday event is the monthly ‘Day of Creation’, a collection of workshops and author showcases that you can dip in and out of as much as you like! You can sign up here. There’s also still time to sign up for our Sunday sessionContinue reading “Day of Creation (Saturday 27th) and Sunday Session (28th March)”

Weekend Classes – 20th and 21st March

Welcome everyone to another exciting weekend at Romancing the Gothic! Sign up here. This Saturday we’re joined by Dr. Kendra Preston Leonard and Dr. Colleen E. Kennedy to talk “Gothic before the Gothic” In this one-hour talk, we examine proto-Gothic elements in early modern revenge plays, beginning with Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy. These plays, like WilliamContinue reading “Weekend Classes – 20th and 21st March”

100 Women Writers in Horror, the Gothic and Supernatural Fiction from the 18th Century to 2021

I recently completed a twitter thread on 100 women. You can find it here, if you’re interested. It includes more gifs and pictures! But for ease, I’ve collated them all into one list. The entries are fairly brief but I’m happy to tackle any questions you have! Enjoy the list and if you feel likeContinue reading “100 Women Writers in Horror, the Gothic and Supernatural Fiction from the 18th Century to 2021”

Weekend classes – March 13th and 14th

This week we have some amazing classes coming up! You can sign up here. On Saturday, join Miranda Corcoran for a talk on ‘Bitch Witches: The Teenage Witch as Pop Culture Phenomenon’ Teenage witches are everywhere in contemporary popular culture. There’s Thomasin in Robert Eggers’s The Witch, the eponymous coven at the centre of AmericanContinue reading “Weekend classes – March 13th and 14th”

Weekend Classes 6th and 7th March

This weekend, we have two fantastic classes on fairly widely differing subjects! It’s a bit of a rollercoaster of a week. Our book club is a slow burn historical romance between a vampire and his secretary, Saturday we’re moving onto body horror and Sunday we’re thinking about Star Wars and the Gothic! Never a dullContinue reading “Weekend Classes 6th and 7th March”

Gothic Day of Creation – 27th February

This Saturday, we have a full day of free events dedicated to Gothic creation. Be it crafts, film, writing or any of a myriad of types of Gothic creation, we like to celebrate it here at Romancing the Gothic by showcasing amazing work, running workshops and enjoying creativity together. Timetable for the Day You’re veryContinue reading “Gothic Day of Creation – 27th February”

‘My Poor Devil’: Georgette Heyer’s The Black Moth at 100

Conference to be held 20th November 2021 1921 saw the publication of a 19-year-old Georgette Heyer’s first novel The Black Moth. This tale of romantic highwayman, demonic rakes, abduction, ravishing beauties, betrayal and deceit set in the 18th century began a career which spanned over 50 years. Heyer published over 50 novels in a numberContinue reading “‘My Poor Devil’: Georgette Heyer’s The Black Moth at 100”

Weekend Classes – 20th and 21st February

This weekend we have two fantastic classes on two different media of the Gothic! You can sign up here for either class Bronte Schiltz will be talking us through “Ghosts In The Living Room: the British Televisual Gothic”. This class explores British ghost stories that are not just broadcast on, but centrally concerned with, televisionContinue reading “Weekend Classes – 20th and 21st February”