Beyond the Black Veil: The Horrid Mysteries Inspiring Northanger Abbey

This weekend, we’re having our first class of the new year. I’ll be taking us through some of the Gothic inspirations of Northanger Abbey. Want to come along? Sign up for free for the 10am or 7pm talk on Saturday 8th January. I’ll be going through all the Northanger Horrid novels. The two tv andContinue reading “Beyond the Black Veil: The Horrid Mysteries Inspiring Northanger Abbey”

2021 Romancing the Gothic Round-Up

Has 2021 lasted as long as eternity? It feels like it might have. It feels like there are at least a few oceans of time between now and January but perhaps that’s also because there’s been so much going on here at Romancing the Gothic! In book group, we’ve read 18 novels, 3 graphic novels,Continue reading “2021 Romancing the Gothic Round-Up”

CFP (Call for contributions) for Romancing the Gothic’s 2022 programme

Romancing the Gothic will continue in 2022 with some changes. We will be changing from 8 talks a month to 4. Each month will have a broad theme. We will also have 4 Days of Creation in the year rather than one a month. All the talks will continue to be held online and runContinue reading “CFP (Call for contributions) for Romancing the Gothic’s 2022 programme”

Gothic Drag Bibliography

We were joined today by Tom Brassington sharing his work on Gothic Drag and he has provided an incredible bibliography of films, performers, performances and criticism. Get stuck in! Film Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, dir. Roy Ward Baker (MGM-EMI, 1971) Dressed to Kill, dir. Brian de Palma (Filmways, 1980) Freaky, dir. Christopher Landon (Universal,Continue reading “Gothic Drag Bibliography”

The Thing with Horns – Bibliography

The following bibliography was provided by Anna Milon in relation to her talk on ‘The Thing with Horns: The Insidious Presence of the Horned God in Modern Supernatural Horror’ Open Resources Fessenden, Larry. “The Shape of the Wendigo.” YouTube, 2015.… Lenhardt, Corinna. “Wendigos, Eye Killers, Skinwalkers: The Myth of the American Indian Vampire andContinue reading “The Thing with Horns – Bibliography”

Bibiliography (with links) for ‘Taking the Pen in Their Hands’

On Saturday 24th July, I gave a talk entitled ‘Taking the Pen in their Hands: Women Writers in the Georgian and Regency Periods’ for the Regency Writers Conference. This is a reference list and a list of primary sources most of which have links to free online public domain versions. Reference List Batchelor, Jennie. Women’sContinue reading “Bibiliography (with links) for ‘Taking the Pen in Their Hands’”

Review: New Queer Horror

Originally posted on The Dark Arts Journal:
Darren Elliot-Smith and John Edgar Browning (eds.), New Queer Horror: Film and Television (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2020. 256 Pages). ISBN 9781786836267 The connections between the queer community and Gothic and Horror are self-evident. Queer-coded monsters, defiant subversions, rebellious identifications are all a familiar part of the…

5 Scottish Tales of the Demonic

The Scottish Gothic is full of demons. Unlike the English Gothic, this is a rarely a case of a special case Faustian Pact with an over-reacher aiming for forbidden knowledge, illicit powers or untold years, who makes a demonic deal, signs their name to the dotted line (sometimes literally), and ends up dragged to hellContinue reading “5 Scottish Tales of the Demonic”