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On this page, you can find recordings of previous classes and read-along videos where I share a specific text and make a few points about it. audio-book versions of Gothic and Horror stories, author interviews and links to some of our playlists. Have an explore!

Online Classes

Before you get started on the more specific classes, we have the introduction and overview of the Gothic here

Hay también una versión en español

For a playlist of all my (Dr Sam Hirst’s) classes, you can access the playlist here

Latest Class

Check out our latest class here!

On 5th February, we were joined by Kelly Kanayama to talk about an Asian-Pacific Approach to Living Folklore

Top Ten!

These are our four most popular classes (excluding the general introductions. Why not start your exploration here?

1 – Horror, Race and Romance in Candyman with Tanagra GGNOC

2 – Heroines, Wives and Demons: Gothic Women and Women’s Gothic – Dr Sam Hirst

3 – Rethinking the Gothic romance: Georgette Heyer – Dr Sam Hirst

4 – 300 Years of Gothic Romance – Dr Lori A. Paige

5 – Depraved Bisexuals: Biphobia and Bi-Erasure in Post-Millenial Gothic TelevisionHayley Charlesworth

6 – Victorian Queer Gothic Short Stories – Bronte Schiltz

7 – Queer Gothic Reimaginings – Dr Sam Hirst

8 – ¡Bruja! The Allure of the Gothic Witch in Mexican horror film – Dr Valeria Villegas Lindval

9 – EcoGothic and the Anthropocene with Kristy Strange

10 – Horror, Race and Romance: Part 1 – Bridgerton – Dr Sam Hirst and Tanagra GGNOC


Have you got a particular area you’re interested in? Check out one of our playlists of classes based on topics or time periods.

Women and the Gothic – Find the playlist here

Victorian Gothic – Find the playlist here

Queer Gothic and Horror – Find the playlist here

Folklore – Find the playlist here

Vampires – Find the playlist here

Read-alongs and introductory vidoes

Read-alongs are short introductions to key Gothic texts which may or may not include a short reading from the original text!

There is a playlist here which goes through the Gothic’s key texts with some accompanying detail.

Get started with this introduction to the first Gothic novel, Horace Walpole’s Castle of Otranto (1764)

There a range of introduction videos on the channels on all sorts of Gothic topics! Try this one on duality in Jekyll and Hyde

Some of the videos are read-alongs, where I share a section of a key text and discuss it. This is the most popular one! I’m talking about Vathek by William Beckford, an early Orientalist Gothic text.

Author Interviews

We’re very lucky to have been joined in this last year by some fabulous authors!

Premee Mohamed is the author of the Beneath the Rising series, The Annual Migration of Clouds, And What Can we Offer you Tonight?, and The Apple-Tree Throne, books that mix cosmic horror, the Gothic, sci-fi and more!

For our conference, My Poor Devil: 100 Years of Georgette Heyer’s The Black Moth, each of the authors taking part in our author panel did an interview with us. You can access the playlist here for interviews with queer-romance writers K J Charles, Rose Lerner, Cat Sebastian and Olivia Waite.

Why not start your watch through with my interview with Zen Cho, who sadly wasn’t able to join us on the day but joined me for a chat about Heyer and writing the Regency

Audio-Recordings of Gothic and Horror Tales

Over the last few years, I’ve made audio recordings of a range of Gothic stories and texts.

You can find a playlist of Scottish Gothic tales here

One of my favourites is J. M. Barrie’s ‘Farewell Miss Julie Logan’

If you fancy, you can listen to a couple of whole 18th century Gothic novels!

Here you can listen to the anonymously written The Libertines. A little taster!

There’s also a selection of ghost tales here. My personal recommendation? M. R. James’ ‘The Mezzotint’

Fancy listening to some new horror and Gothic fiction? We have a treat for you! Over the years, we’ve built up a large library of authors showcasing their own writing in our author showcases. Peruse the playlist here

You can’t start in a better place than with Jewelle Gomez, author of The Gilda Stories, reading some of her work and in conversation with Maisha Wester

Feel free to leave any requests using the contact sheet!

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