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On this page, you can find recordings of previous classes and read-along videos where I share a specific text and make a few points about it. Have an explore!

Online Classes

Before you get started on the more specific classes, we have the introduction and overview of the Gothic here

Hay también una versión en español

The first class was ‘Romancing the Gothic: When Love and Death Embrace’ and followed the intersecting paths of romance and the Gothic from the 18th century up to the heyday of the ‘Gothics’

The second class was ‘The Devil is Transformed into an Angel of Light: Demonic Depiction in the Gothic’ which tracked down the depictions of the devil – as tempter, double and tormenter – in the Early British Gothic.

The third class was ‘Who will Rid me of this Troublesome Priest: Gothic Faith and Monstrous Religion’. We looked at the depiction of monstrous clergy and went into some theo-politics in the 18th century…

The fourth class was ‘I ain’t Afraid of no Ghosts: Spectres, Spooks and Frauds’. We looked at the real ghosts of the Gothic in those false spectres associated with the ‘explained supernatural’

The fifth class was ‘Art Thou Still Living Wretch?: The Early Gothic Vampire’ and gave an overview of the vampire in the British tradition and how the figure appears in the late 18th and early 19th century British Gothic.

In this class we looked at Gothic dreams and particularly looked at the contemporary understandings of the dream and how they are reflected in or interrogated by the Gothic

In this next class, we looked specifically at the work of Georgette Heyer and the idea of the Gothic romance.

This class looked at the idea of the women’s Gothic

We also looked at the Russian Gothic-Fantastic

Guest Lectures

As I have a job at the moment, the Saturday lectures have been taken over by a range of excellent scholars teaching us all about their own specialisms.

The first week, Valeria Villegas Lindval introduced us to the Witch (Bruja) in Mexican Cinema

Next up, Karen Graham taught us all about #BalletGothic in this fantastic introduction

The third week, Amy Bride gave us an introduction to Early American Gothic here

Sunday Gothics

Each week we have shorter classes on a Sunday which are usually run by a guest speaker.

You can find the playlist here with talks from Brontë Schiltz (Queer Victorian Gothic and Vernon Lee), Kaja Franck (Twilight and female readership), Mason Hawthorne (Hannibal, adaptation and gender), Shiri Sondheimer (Comics and the Gothic), Abraham Castillo Flores (Mexican Mummies), Caroline Duvezin (Neo-Victorian M/M Romance), Hayley Louise Charlesworth (Bisexual Gothic), Madelyn Schoonover (Stephen King and Neo-Colonialism) and Dan Pietersen (DnD and the Gothic). Quite a range!

A couple of our latest talks

Dan Pietersen introduced us DnD through a Gothic lens

Madelyn Schoonover talked Stephen King

Hayley Louise Charlesworth talked bisexual representation in Gothic and Horror TV


For the full list of read-alongs, you can look through the playlist on Youtube but I’ll be leaving up links to some of our most recent ones here. Go explore!

To go along with her lecture on the Early American Gothic Dr Amy Bride did some guest read-alongs with us!

One of my own stories here!

We even did a whole novel … in lots of sections! The anonymous ‘The Libertines’. Horrendously – that was the best screenshot of that reading so… take that as you will!

Author Interviews

We have started a new series inviting authors to join us, reading one of their stories and answering a few questions about their work.

Our first guest author was Mason Hawthorne

Our second guest author was Heather Valentine

Our third author interview is with Leanna Renee Hieber author of, among many other things, the Spectral City trilogy

Feel free to leave any requests using the contact sheet!

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