Abstract Writing Workshop

This year’s Romancing the Gothic is happening in August. You can find more information here on ‘The Supernatural and Witchcraft in Belief, Practice and Depiction’. We know that it might be people’s first time applying to a conference or the first using British conventions. You might just not be feeling confident about abstract writing. ToContinue reading “Abstract Writing Workshop”

Romancing the Gothic 5 Star Reads (2022)

Every week here at Romancing the Gothic, we have a reading group. We read a mix of novels, novellas, short stories, graphic novels and web comics, throwing in some tv shows and podcasts in and among! We also like to play the odd role-playing game as a group. We like to mix it up! ThisContinue reading “Romancing the Gothic 5 Star Reads (2022)”

Romancing the Gothic Conference 2023 – The Supernatural and Witchcraft in belief, practice and depiction

In 1848, William Harrison Ainsworth published his novel The Lancashire Witches based on the real-life witch-trials in Pendle in 1612. Exploring the background of the trials and executions, it was heavily based on Thomas Potts’ Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancashire (1613). 1848 also saw the publication of Catherine Crowe’s The Night-SideContinue reading “Romancing the Gothic Conference 2023 – The Supernatural and Witchcraft in belief, practice and depiction”

100 more Gothic, horror and supernatural reads!

I got a bit carried away with the earlier sections of my ‘101 Gothic reads’ list so didn’t have much room for the 20th or 21st centuries. Please bear in mind this list is based on my own reading and areas of knowledge and so it really leans towards the Gothic, the UK and areasContinue reading “100 more Gothic, horror and supernatural reads!”

101 Gothic Reads You Might Enjoy

101 Gothic reads from the 18th century onwards. How many have you read? Disclaimer: This is a list the leans into my expertise (18th and 19th century British Gothic and Gothic romance). There are some examples of multiple books for one author – that’s because I’ve read them! I think they’re fascinating or they’re prettyContinue reading “101 Gothic Reads You Might Enjoy”

The ‘Ghost a Day’ challenge

This year, to celebrate the spookiest month of the year, we’ve got the ‘Ghost a Day’ challenge. A new scary, spooky, creepy or even terrifying story or poem each day. You can follow along on twitter here or by using the hashtag #AGhostADay. You can also interact with the challenge by reading along and sharingContinue reading “The ‘Ghost a Day’ challenge”

2023 Talk Series – Call For Papers

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again when I start calling in people for next year’s talks! If you’d be interested in doing a talk with us a few details: Our talks run each weekend. We ask each speaker to do the talk twice (where possible) on either a Saturday or a Sunday. TheContinue reading “2023 Talk Series – Call For Papers”