2023 Talk Series – Call For Papers

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again when I start calling in people for next year’s talks! If you’d be interested in doing a talk with us a few details: Our talks run each weekend. We ask each speaker to do the talk twice (where possible) on either a Saturday or a Sunday. TheContinue reading “2023 Talk Series – Call For Papers”

5 more lesser-known early Gothic novels

About 2 years ago (how time flies!), I posted a blog with 5 lesser-known early Gothic novels. Hopefully, that’s been long enough to read them for anyone inclined so it’s time for another 5! Now, once again, it bears repeating that this list is only ‘lesser-known’ in relative terms. I’ll be introducing some books thatContinue reading “5 more lesser-known early Gothic novels”

The Lazarus Experiment: A Tale of Two Lazaruses

As the original site has disappeared, I am republishing (without amendment) some of my earliest academic work! This is a three part blog series and I’ll be releasing one a week. You can see the start of my work on the Gothic and theology here. The jump in footnotes is an image which is noContinue reading “The Lazarus Experiment: A Tale of Two Lazaruses”

Re-thinking the Paranoid Gothic – Queer Reading of William Godwin

If you’re a literature lover, the name of William Godwin might be less than familiar that that of his relations. He was the father of Mary Shelley, the husband of Mary Wollstonecraft and an inspiration for Percy Shelley among others. He was a political philosopher, whose work continues to be read and studied today butContinue reading “Re-thinking the Paranoid Gothic – Queer Reading of William Godwin”