Weekend Classes 7/8th August

Hello and welcome to this weekend’s amazing classes! As always, you can sign up for free here. On Saturday, we are joined by Maria DeBlassie to talk about ‘The Legacy of the Occult Detective’ This class outlines the legacy of the occult detective, from the origin of the archetype in the Victorian era to theContinue reading “Weekend Classes 7/8th August”

Bibiliography (with links) for ‘Taking the Pen in Their Hands’

On Saturday 24th July, I gave a talk entitled ‘Taking the Pen in their Hands: Women Writers in the Georgian and Regency Periods’ for the Regency Writers Conference. This is a reference list and a list of primary sources most of which have links to free online public domain versions. Reference List Batchelor, Jennie. Women’sContinue reading “Bibiliography (with links) for ‘Taking the Pen in Their Hands’”

Saturday Class – 24th July

You can sign up for this class for free here. This Saturday we are joined by Kai D’Argenta who is joining us to talk about ‘Peter Would Cry Over You – Modern TV Werewolves and Masculinity’. The talk covers depictions of werewolves in various ensemble supernatural tv shows from the early 21st century, focussing specificallyContinue reading “Saturday Class – 24th July”

Review: New Queer Horror

Originally posted on The Dark Arts Journal:
Darren Elliot-Smith and John Edgar Browning (eds.), New Queer Horror: Film and Television (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2020. 256 Pages). ISBN 9781786836267 The connections between the queer community and Gothic and Horror are self-evident. Queer-coded monsters, defiant subversions, rebellious identifications are all a familiar part of the…

Weekend Classes – 10th and 11th July

Welcome back to Romancing the Gothic everyone! I’m excited about our range of classes over the next few months. If you’d like to sign up for this month’s classes, you can do so here. This Saturday, we’re joined by Daru McAleece to talk about ‘Nature Initiation and Body Horror in British Myths’. The classes willContinue reading “Weekend Classes – 10th and 11th July”

Day of Gothic Creation – May 29th

This Saturday, there’s a full day of Gothic creative events with your name on! Come to writing and art workshops, listen to authors presenting their work in author showcases, come and enjoy the day with us or just one session. All are welcome. You can sign up here. Support the project here. 10 – 11Continue reading “Day of Gothic Creation – May 29th”

Live Gothic Classes – Limited Places

Next week, I am pre-recording June content, including a series of classes on: The Female Gothic The Eighteenth Century Gothic The Northern Gothic Jamaica Inn and the Adaptation of Gothic Romance Monstrous Men in the Gothic There are limited paid places available to come to the live class (10 people) which will be interactive (althoughContinue reading “Live Gothic Classes – Limited Places”