Georgette Heyer and the Gothic

It’s Heyer week here at Romancing the Gothic! In book club, we’re reading The Quiet Gentleman (1951). On Saturday the class is ‘Rethinking the Gothic Romance: Georgette Heyer’. I’m aware that two quite disparate groups of people are interested in this week’s content and both groups might have their suspicions about exactly what Heyer andContinue reading “Georgette Heyer and the Gothic”

Early Vampire Poetry

When you think famous literary vampires, your mind might dart to Dracula or the Sapphic reader’s might head straight for Carmilla. Your inner eye might also be suddenly beset by a horde of sexy, often shimmering, vampires from more recent media: Edward Cullen, Blade, Eric Northman, Akasha, Lestat, Damon Salvatore, Selene… It happens. Just letContinue reading “Early Vampire Poetry”