Medieval Murder: Goth Detectives!

Here at Romancing the Gothic, we’re diversifying! We want to keep the project going and also support our speakers and offer some more hands on and interactive classes.

We’ll be keeping all the book groups, film clubs and Saturday and Sunday classes completely free to attend. We’re still asking people to support speakers individually or support the project to enable me to support speakers (and myself!) but we’ll now have a paid option for some special short courses which will not be recorded.

We’re starting in December and we’re kicking off with Dr Melissa Julian-Jones (Cardiff University) who is offering a two-part class called ‘Medieval Murder and the Gothicisation of History: Goth Detectives

What’s it all about?

On this two-part course you will explore the true story of William de Cantilupe, murdered in 1375, his relevant family background, and the trial that condemned two men for his killing: his squire and his butler. But did they do it?

You will hear the evidence and the twists and turns, the conclusions and assumptions made by historians since the 1930s, and the gaps in the evidence that will forever remain unknown. Why did historians form conclusions – now assumed to be correct – based on so little evidence? Who would you convict (or would you)?

There will be an opportunity to creatively reimagine this case for yourself, with others or individually, as an optional assignment. You could choose to fictionalise any aspect of the case, bring it to life through an artistic medium of your choice, or use it as inspiration for a novel or play.

(Previous creative submissions on Dr Julian-Jones’ 8-week version of this course have included an imagined prose lament in first person from the perspective of William’s father.)

What will you be doing?

These classes will be interactive! Dr Julian-Jones will be presenting you with the facts and offering a resource pack. You’ll be using this information to work out your own position in relation to the murder. There’s also the opportunity to do and receive feedback on a creative response task.

How much does it cost?

Both I (Sam Hirst/Romancing the Gothic) and Dr Julian-Jones are all about access to education and we want to keep the prices very low. The price for both classes is £5 total.

If you already support the project through Patreon at the second level or above (or the equivalent through Ko-fi), you have automatic free access. Shoot me an email or contact me on twitter with the info below to get the link.

We also want to offer 5 free places to those who can’t afford it. There’s no need to give reasons, specifics or proof. Just ask for a ticket. You can contact me @RomGothSam on twitter or at

When are the classes

There are two classes in total on the 4th and 11th of December (Friday). There is a 10am option and a 7pm option. Both times are GMT. This class is open to anyone anywhere in the world though 🙂

How do I sign up?!

Easy! You can sign up here



See you then, Goth Detectives!

File:Sir Geoffrey Luttrell at table - Luttrell Psalter (c.1325-1335), f.208 - BL Add MS 42130.jpg

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