November Day of Creation Events

We have a great timetable coming up for the November day of creation. I’ll be adding details of some of the events as we go. All times are GMT.

10 – 11 – Writing Activity – Neil Cocks – Ghost Story in a Box

11 – 12 – Author Showcase

12 – 1 – Writing Workshop – Sam Hirst – Writing the Sublime

2 – 3.30 – Writing Workshop – Shiri Sondheimer – Create Your Own Spirit of Vengeance

4 – 5.30 – Writing Workshop – Mishka Hoosen – Writing a Haunting

This workshop will take a look at writing that explores the liminal space between the everyday and horror. Looking at work such as Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” as well as popular songs in the folk and blues traditions that draw on the Gothic for inspiration, this workshop will examine the ways in which horror can glimmer beneath the surface of the everyday. Participants are asked to bring along an object they would like to use for their writing prompt, and be challenged to write around the object, examining the ways that time, memory, fear, and fascination take form through the written word. 

CW: this workshop will touch on subject matter such as gender-based and racial violence, as well as the occult. We will cover safety tools at the beginning of the workshop to ensure that any triggering content is flagged should the need arise. 

5.30 – 6.30 pm – Writing Workshop – Leanna Renee Hieber – Physical Theatrical Tricks to Inspire Your Writing

Performer, playwright & award-winning Gothic novelist Leanna Renee Hieber discusses acclaimed avant-garde theatre director Anne Bogart’s “Viewpoints” theatrical training technique and applies their physical concepts to inspire your fiction writing processes! More about Leanna:

7pm – Author Showcase

8 – 9 pm – Gothic Web Design – A J Tran

For centuries Gothic architecture has been among the most dramatic architecture styles, with its pointed arches, rib vaults, flying buttresses, and stained glass windows. It emerged from efforts to make churches taller, more spacious, and lighter than possible with earlier Romanesque forms. Just like Gothic architecture arose from ancient cathedral construction, Gothic Web Design is a unique style that transports your users straight to the Medieval World Wide Web! During this one-hour class, I’ll guide you through building a site from scratch. Pixel by pixel, with pure HTML and beautiful CSS, we will recreate some of the previous millennium’s popular site layouts with modern web design principles. By the end of this class, you will have created a full-fledged Gothic Web Design — dark, brooding, and Gothic to the extreme! Not only that: you will use the elements of Gothic architecture to build your very own digital cathedral! Introduction to Gothic Web Design is designed specifically for artists, writers, makers, and other non-technical types.

9.30 – 10.30 – Crafting Session – Gothically Make a Gothic Sleeve for your Favourite Gothic Book – Linds and Tetley

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