A Tour of English Corpse Roads with Icy Sedgwick

I’m trying a new thing! Each week, we have a lecture, so I’ll be updating each week with a blog that gives you the link to this week’s class in case you miss it. Tell me what you think of the idea of the comments.

This week we were joined, once again, by Icy Sedgwick who came to talk to us about English Corpse Roads. A really fascinating talk and I hope you enjoy listening along! Icy mixes history with folklore here to talk us through something I, at least, had very little knowledge of before.

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6 thoughts on “A Tour of English Corpse Roads with Icy Sedgwick

  1. A lecture a week posted on the blog — yes, please! I especially look forward to more folklore-related. Thank you so much for all you do. As they say in Texas, yee-haw!


  2. Hello Sam,

    I was stuck on trains this past weekend, & completely missed Icy Sedgewick’s talk – is there any chance of a catch-up link, please? I’d be really grateful!

    Thanks in advance,& have a great day,

    Rosie Garland http://www.rosiegarland.com/

    [http://www.rosiegarland.com/media/k2/items/cache/2fa67f482133f1c934235b73c2a03954_M.jpg] Home – Rosie Garland Rosie Garland Tagged ‘literary hero’ by The Skinny, Rosie writes long and short-form fiction, poetry and sings with post-punk band The March Violets. She also performs twisted cabaret as Rosie Lugosi the Vampire Queen. With a passion for language nurtured by libraries, she started out in… http://www.rosiegarland.com



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