“¡Bruja! The allure of the gothic witch in Mexican horror film” – Bibliography

El espejo de la bruja, 1962. Una bruja benévola encanta un espejo ...

Today’s bibliography was provided by Saturday’s speaker Valeria Villegas Lindval. Some of the sources are in English and some in Spanish.

To start – here’s a list of Valeria’s own publications!

•“Gigi Saul Guerrero and her Latin American female monsters” in Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism and Genre, edited by edited by Dr. Alison Peirse (forthcoming 2020 with Rutgers)

•“Cam. Alice’s Looking Glass in the 21st Centuryin Screen Bodies in the Digital Age: Essays on Voyeurism, Violence and Power, edited by Dr. Susan Flynn (forthcoming with McFarland, 2020).

•“The flying uterus. From abjection to divinity in The Book of Birdie (2016).” MAI: Feminism and Visual Culture 3 (2019) – OPEN ACCESS! You can read it here: https://maifeminism.com/the-flying-uterus-from-abjection-to-divinity-in-the-book-of-birdie-2016/

•You can also find my writing at Screen Queens (https://screen-queens.com/tag/valeria-villegas-lindvall) & Grim Magazine 4&5 (https://anatomyofascream.wordpress.com/grim-2/ ) ~ as well as some interviews here and there for Seventh Row, Neues Deutschland, Morbidly Beautiful and Women in Revolt.


Belcebú 4, vol. 5, 50 filmes del cine mexicano de terror, horror y lo grotesco (Mexico: Samsara, January 2019)

•Gabriel Eljaiek-Rodríguez, The Migration and Politics of Monsters in Latin America (2018) •–––––––––––––––––––––. Selva De Fantasmas: Tropicalización De Lo Gótico En La Literatura Y El Cine Latinoamericanos (2013)

•Hernán Moyano and Carina Rodríguez, eds., Manual de cine de género (experiencias de la guerrilla audiovisual en América Latina) (2017).

•Marco González Ambriz, ed., Mostrología del Cine Mexicano (2015)

•Badrán Padraui, Fredy, ed. Sensibilidades Negras Y Mulatas En Las Narrativas Audiovisuales Del Siglo XX. (2019)

•Chang, Jason Oliver. Chino. Anti-Chinese Racism in Mexico, 1880-1940 (2017)

•Sergio de la Mora. Cinemachismo. Masculinities and Sexuality in Mexican Film (2006)

•Ana M. López. “Before Exploitation. The three men of the cinema in Mexico,” in Latsploitation, exploitation cinemas and Latin America (2009).

•Silvia Federici. Witches, witch-hunting and women (2018) •Femmes fatales. 13 escritoras hablan sobre cine de horror (2011)

•Alucarda. La hija de las tinieblas (Special edition in collaboration of Macabro and Samsara, 2018)

•Doyle Greene. The Mexican cinema of darkness. A critical study of six landmark horror and exploitation films, 1969-1988 (2007)

•Pete Tombs. Mondo Macabro: Weird & Wonderful Cinema around the World (1997)

•Leticia Rojas Miranda and Francisco Godoy Vega, eds. No Existe Sexo Sin Racialización (2017)

•Per Faxneld. Satanic feminism. Lucifer as the Liberator of Woman in Nineteenth-Century Culture (2017)

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