Russian Roulette: The Russian Gothic-Fantastic as a game you just can’t win

Primary Sources

Anton Chekhov – ‘The Black Monk’ – 1893

Elena Gan – ‘Society’s Judgement’ – 1841

Vsevolod Garshin – ‘The Red Flower’ – 1883

Nikolai Gogol – Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka – 1832

Nikolai Gogol – ‘The Nose’ – 1836

Nikolai Gogol – The Overcoat – 1842

Nikolai Gogol – ‘The Portrait’ in Arabesques – 1835

Nikolai Gogol – Vii’ in Mirgorod – 1835

Mikhail Lermontove – Demon – 1839

Mikhail Lermontov – Hero of Our Times – 1840

Mikhail Lermontov – ‘Shtoss’ – 1841

Vladimir Odoevsky – ‘The Sylph’ – 1837

Alexander Pushkin – Evgenii Onegin – 1833

Alexander Pushkin – ‘Marko Yacubovich’ – 1836

Alexander Pushkin – Queen of Spades – 1834

Alexander Pushkin – The Stone Guest – 1830

Alexander Pushkin – The Tales of Belkin – 1831

Alexander Pushkin – ‘Vurdalak’ – 1836

Mikhail Zagoskin – Evening in Khopr – 1834

Secondary Sources

Carolyn Jursa Ayers – ‘Elena Gan and the Female Gothic in Russia’ in The Gothic Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Literature – 1999

K Bowers – ‘The City through a glass, darkly: Use of the Gothic in Early Russian Realism’ in Modern Language Review – 2013

Neil Cornwell – ‘European Gothic and Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature’ in European Gothic – 2017

Neil Cornwell – ‘Russian Gothic: An Introduction’ in The Gothic Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Literature – 1999

Catriona Kelly – A History of Russian Women’s Writing 1820 -1992 – 1998

Ann Komaromi – ‘Gothic Realism in Chekhov’s The Black Monk’ in The Gothic Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Literature – 1999

Priscilla Meyer – ‘Supernatural Doubles: Vii and The Nose in The Gothic Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Literature – 1999

Gary Saul Morson, ‘Gogol’s Parables of Explanation: Nonsense and Prosaics’, Essays on Gogol: Logos and the Russian Word – 1992

Ivan Panin – Lectures on Russian Literature: Pushkin, Gogol, Turgenef, Tolstoy – 2019

A. A. Polyakova – Комплекс мотивов готического романа в сюжетной структуре русской повести – 2006

Christopher R. Putney – ‘The Circle That Presupposes its End as its Goal’: The Riddle of Vladimir Odoevsky’s The Sylph’  in The Slavic and East European Journal – 2011

Gary Rosenshield – Pushkin and the Genres of Madness – 2003

V. V. Shumko – фантастический жанр в литературе 18 и 19 веков – 2006

Tzvetan Todorov – The Fantastic: A Structural Approach to a Literary Genre  –  1973

Dorian Townsend – ‘From Upyrto Vampir: The Slavic Vampire Myth in Russian Literature’ – unpublished PhD

Michael Wachtel – A Commentary to Pushkin’s Lyric Poetry, 1826 – 1836 – 2011

Claire Whitehead – ‘The Fantastic in Russian Romantic Prose: Pushkin’s The Queen of Spades’ in The Gothic Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Literature – 1999

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