Call for Submissions – Gothic Monsters Day- 29th May

The Romancing the Gothic project runs a monthly ‘Day of Creation’. It includes workshops and author, art and film showcases. It’s free for all and you can attend as much or as little as you want.

This month we’re looking for art and writing for showcases and workshops. All opportunities receive a small payment and links are shared for individual support.

The Focus

This month, Romancing the Gothic has been collaborating with Johannes T. Evans (@JohannesTEvans) with the #MonstrousMayChallenge. Johannes created a series of detailed prompts, seen below.

May 1. What is a Monster?
May 2. How to Talk to Your Monster
May 3. The Vampire
May 4. Iconic Settings
May 5. Feeding Time
May 6. The Lycanthrope
May 7. Adverse Weather Conditions
May 8. The Monster in Love
May 9. The Undead
May 10. "... and add a monster."
May 11. A Baby Monster
May 12. The Alien
May 13. The Domesticated Monster
May 14. Clothing Your Monster
May 15. The Mermaid
May 16. The Gentle Kaiju
May 17. Monstrous Transformations
May 18. Angels & Demons
May 19. Monstrous Flora
May 20. The Monster in History
May 21. The Hybrid
May 22. Kept Captive
May 23. The Human is the Monster
May 24. The Dragon
May 25. The Monster Dies
May 26. The Hive-Mind
May 27. The Fae
May 28. The Monster Extinct
May 29. Cultural Differences
May 30. The Minotaur
May 31. Happily Ever After

For this month’s Day of Creation (29th May), we are looking for contributions that develop one of the above friends


We are looking for short stories and poems for the creative showcase. There are two author showcases, at 11am and at 7pm London Time (we can be flexible if required) and we are looking for readings of:

Approx 1000-1250 words

12 minutes or less in length

Focusing on one of the themes above

We are also looking for workshop sessions on arts, crafts, writing or other creative engagements with one of the topics above. Support offered for online teaching or presenting/public speaking where desired.

Workshops are:

1 hour long

Focused on interaction with participants and the opportunity to create/write

Open to all levels of engagement

Authors participating in the showcase will be recompensed £10 and workshops will be recompensed with £20. You can also use this opportunity to share support links, promote work and events. There is the option to record your session (author showcase and workshop input) to go on the YouTube channel and be shared. All rights remain with the creator.

Deadline for pitches: 24th May 2021

For the story, please send a copy of the story. For the workshop, please send a 100 word pitch.

All submissions can be sent to

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