Live Gothic Classes – Limited Places

Next week, I am pre-recording June content, including a series of classes on:

The Female Gothic

The Eighteenth Century Gothic

The Northern Gothic

Jamaica Inn and the Adaptation of Gothic Romance

Monstrous Men in the Gothic

There are limited paid places available to come to the live class (10 people) which will be interactive (although only input contributions will be recorded). If you would like to come to any or all of these classes, you can sign up through my ko-fi here –

More details are available through the shop. Each class costs £5 or you can buy a bundle for all 5 for £20.

If you support me on ko-fi, you will have 30 days of access to my supporter only materials which just so happens to overlap with the 30 days of content I will providing through June.

Published by SamHirst

This started off as a story blog to share the little fictions that I like to write but it's turned into something a bit more Goth! I'm Dr Sam Hirst and I research the Gothic, theology and romance and at the moment I'm doing free Gothic classes online! We also have readalongs, watchalongs and reading groups. And I post fun little Gothic bits when I have the chance. Find me on twitter @RomGothSam

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