June Daily Content

Romancing the Gothic is taking a holiday in June but never fear! There will still be content provided. I will be uploading and releasing daily pre-prepared content. If you already support the project via ko-fi (preferred) or patreon, you’ll have access to all the resources. You can also support via ko-fi as a one-off or monthly payment to get access for 30 days and to everything respectively).

I won’t be working during this period as I concentrate on finishing my monograph so your support really is very much appreciated. You can see the line up of releases below, including original fiction, audio-books, recorded classes, Gothic Guides, Top 5 lists and Author Interviews. You can support here on ko-fi or here on patreon. Ko-fi is preferred as they don’t take charges and you can sign up monthly or as a one-off.

All times below are times of release. The resources will be available from that time.

Published by SamHirst

This started off as a story blog to share the little fictions that I like to write but it's turned into something a bit more Goth! I'm Dr Sam Hirst and I research the Gothic, theology and romance and at the moment I'm doing free Gothic classes online! We also have readalongs, watchalongs and reading groups. And I post fun little Gothic bits when I have the chance. Find me on twitter @RomGothSam

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