Shtoss – Lermontov – 1841

This is a translation of Lermontov’s unfinished tale ‘Shtoss’. There’s a play on words here. Shtoss is provided (perhaps) as a name. But Shto-s also means what (this ‘s’ is an added feature common at the period) so when the stranger is asked for his name, the answer leaves the reader uncertain. This is aContinue reading “Shtoss – Lermontov – 1841”

Tamara – Mikhail Lermontov

There in Daryala’s deep chasm, Where the Terek flows through the gloom, A tower, mouldering and ancient, Black against dark cliffs did loom. In that tower tall and so narrow Tsaritsa Tamara lived still, As beautiful as heaven’s best angel Sly and cruel as a devil from hell. Through the dreary fogs of midnight FromContinue reading “Tamara – Mikhail Lermontov”