How to be a Russian Gothic Hero

In previous episodes of this guide to the Gothic life, we’ve looked at both how to recognise and how to become a Gothic hero (or villain – there’s no judgement here) in a general sense. Today’s guide is for the connoisseur who has already developed some expertise in Gothic living. Stretch your wings. Explore yourContinue reading “How to be a Russian Gothic Hero”

Shtoss – Lermontov – 1841

This is a translation of Lermontov’s unfinished tale ‘Shtoss’. There’s a play on words here. Shtoss is provided (perhaps) as a name. But Shto-s also means what (this ‘s’ is an added feature common at the period) so when the stranger is asked for his name, the answer leaves the reader uncertain. This is aContinue reading “Shtoss – Lermontov – 1841”